Volvo: XC90 road trip

Event: Volvo XC90 road trip photoshoot
Location: England and Scotland, UK
Date: 17 – 23  October 2016

What happens when Volvo lends its brand new XC90 to Spacesuit Media for five days, with a brief to capture some stunning shots of the vehicle on British roads? Something like this.

First we put together a crack team: Nat Twiss, Lou Johnson and Jamie Sheldrick. Then we devised a route along some of the UK’s most photogenic roadways: through northern England and Scotland, taking in the Ribblehead Viaduct, the Forth Bridge and Edinburgh. Lastly, we supplied the team a vehicle suitable for tracking photography use (one in which it is safe and legal to shoot from on an array of public roads) and sent off our intrepid Spacesuit snappers, with fingers crossed for favourable British weather.

The weather held and the results speak for themselves. The team banked a wide range of jaw-dropping imagery for Volvo, including car-to-car tracking, panning, static and elevated shots. More than 1400 miles were covered in five days, taking in incredible scenery and showcasing the XC90 at its best in a variety of British locations and varying times of the day. While we were careful to observe the style guidelines provided by the car maker, we were encouraged to imbue the shots with our special Spacesuit twist. Our client was thrilled with the results, as were we.

You can follow the team’s daily updates posted on social media during the road trip; just search using the hashtag #BeyondSweden.

Spacesuit-Media-Nat-Twiss-Volvo-October-2016-Lou Johnson Jamie Sheldrick

Spacesuit-Media-Lou-Johnson-Volvo-October-2016-Nat Twiss XC09

Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 below fold

England and Scotland, UK

Client: Volvo Cars UK

  • Jamie Sheldrick
  • Lou Johnson
  • Nat Twiss