Volvo: V40 digital campaign

Event: Volvo V40 digital campaign location shoot
Location: England and Scotland, UK
Date: 25 – 27 November 2016

When Volvo’s creative agency delivered their vision for a comprehensive digital marketing campaign for the V40 car in 2017, Volvo turned to Spacesuit to capture the right location imagery.

Nat Twiss led the project, selecting locations in Cumbria and Edinburgh to deliver the right tone. In particular, our client wanted the images to reflect the brand’s Scandinavian heritage while infusing them with the flavour of Britain both old and new.

We shot the V40 in a number of locations, including working through the night to find quiet streets in the centre of bustling Edinburgh to match the brief. We delivered both raw and edited images to Volvo; this enabled the photos to be tweaked by the creative agency to meet a wide array of digital assets as well as giving the Volvo marketing team a set of beautiful snaps which could be used right away online and on social media.

The project was particularly collaborative, and included embedding the campaign creative director as part of the shoot team. We’ve included a few snaps here from the set but not the “hero” imagery being used for the campaign. You’ll need to keep an eye on Volvo’s marketing for those!

Given the gritty, muddy roads that November brings, we were very grateful to our friends at ValetPro for supplying us professional-grade car detailing products. This helped the team to keep the V40 looking as crisp as possible despite the worst of British autumn.

Spacesuit-Media-Nat-Twiss-Volvo-November-2016-V40-behind-the-scenes-at-lake Spacesuit-Media-Nat-Twiss-Volvo-November-2016-V40-behind-the-scenes-at-St-Bees Spacesuit-Media-Nat-Twiss-Volvo-November-2016-V40-behind-the-scenes-in-Edinburgh Spacesuit-Media-Nat-Twiss-Volvo-November-2016-V40-ValetPro bottlesSpacesuit-Media-Nat-Twiss-Volvo-November-2016-V40-cleaning the car in Edinburgh Spacesuit-Media-Nat-Twiss-Volvo-November-2016-V40-ValetPro bottles on the windscreen

AutoExpress Volvo advert 2017 Spacesuit night street AutoExpress Volvo advert 2017 Spacesuit rear shot Spotify Volvo advert Spacesuit front lake

England and Scotland, UK

Client: Volvo Cars UK

  • Nat Twiss