VBB3: USA road trip

Event: Road trip to coincide with VBB3 world land speed record attempt
Location: Multiple (California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona)
Date: 16 – 22 September 2016

A photographer, a driver, a Dodge Ram pickup truck with a 400bhp V8 lump and 2,500 miles to cover in six days: this is what Spacesuit is all about. When Shiv Gohil was commissioned by Venturi to shoot their VBB3 land speed record attempt at the Bonneville salt flats, he and Spacesuit boss Ross Ringham saw it as the perfect opportunity to venture out into some of America’s wide open spaces.

Thus, a plan was hatched: fly into Oakland, California. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the sinuous Lombard Street in a day (on pushbikes). Then, travel east, driving the more than 500 miles to Wendover, on the border between Nevada and Utah, in a day. Spend two days on the salt flats with Venturi, then head south through Vegas to see the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, before looping West to the Pacific Coast Highway and back up to Oakland for the return flight.

It was an incredible experience, made easier by the enormously (and just enormous) likeable pickup truck which hummed along comfortably for mile after mile, and which coped admirably with highway, interstate and the narrow, steep switchbacked road over the crest of a mountain that our satnav decided to detour us along. Our thanks to Enterprise for supplying us the vehicle despite us getting our reservation wrong, and for excellent customer service. Search #BulletSuit on social media to track our updates as posted them day-by-day.

To us, Spacesuit is about a do-anything, go-anywhere attitude. It’s about exploration and adventure, pushing beyond boundaries, looking at our world in new ways. It’s about enjoying the journey as much as the destination. This set of images we think perfectly sums up our spirit. Roll on the next epic road trip.

Spacesuit-Media-Shivraj-Gohil-Venturi-VBB3-Bonneville-Utah-USA-September-2016-Phone-Shiv Gohil edge of the Grand Canyon

Spacesuit-Media-Shivraj-Gohil-Venturi-VBB3-Bonneville-Utah-USA-September-2016-Phone-Shiv Gohil Salt flats

Spacesuit-Media-Shivraj-Gohil-Venturi-VBB3-Bonneville-Utah-USA-September-2016-Phone-Ross Ringham pickup truck


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