Salon Privé: Morgan EV3 Selfridges edition

Event: Salon Privé
Location: Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, UK
Date: 01 September 2016

This is a garden party quite unlike any other. Framed by the vastness of the 18th century stately home, with champagne served through the day and boasting an extraordinary collection of supercars, classics and other vehicles, the event is unashamedly a shrine to the lobster-on-toast-in-the-bath-before-visiting-Waitrose-in-the-Rolls sort of luxury.

Where better to exhibit a rather gorgeous new slice of motoring from renowned British car maker Morgan? The marque does have something of a reputation for serving a client base who wear tweeds and wellies even in bed but this latest three-wheeled creation is not in the least bit old fashioned (apart from the deliberately retro styling): it’s an electric vehicle. The EV3 is due next year and will boast a range of some 150 miles; not bad at all for a vehicle so small it’s hard to work out where the batteries are even kept.

This special edition has been created together with the world-famous department store Selfridges. Both brands were born in 1909, so the collaboration has been a long time coming. Only 19 of this version will ever be made. A range of materials has been used, including wood, brass and aluminium. The black and gold colours echo the classic colours of Selfridges, although there’s a subtle digital screen on the dashboard to bring things up to date. Selfridges has also enlisted nine other vaunted brands to put together a driving kit; partners include Alexander McQueen and Belstaff.

We’re big fans of Morgan and, in particular, the company’s forward-looking EV3, so we sent Nat Twiss along to the event to lust over the shiny details of this beautiful creation. Some of the results are shown here in this gallery of selected images.

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Blenheim Palace, UK

Client: archive

  • Nat Twiss