Roborace: DevBot debut

Event: Roborace DevBot public debut
Location: Donington Park, UK
Date: 24, 25
AugustĀ 2016

A driverless car took to the track at Donington Park at the close of a full day’s preseason testing by FIA Formula E teams. The car is a technology mule for autonomous racing series Roborace, which is expected to make its debut as a support event at Formula E races at some point within the next year.

The test vehicle, named the DevBot, is essentially a Ginetta LMP3 chassis converted to run on electric power and with artificial intelligence to navigate the race track. Its public debut didn’t go entirely according to plan. A driver sat in the car for the first three laps while the car “learned” the track. The car was meant to then complete two laps by itself. Instead, it was stopped at the final corner of the first lap by marshals with a remote control, to stop the car hurtling off the track. A second attempt the following evening ended in much the same fashion.

Still, its an impressive achievement in a short space of time and the car itself looks like Tron met Batman and RoboCop in a dark alley. The final Roborace car itself will look very different.

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Donington Park, UK

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  • Dan Bathie
  • Lou Johnson
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