Nurburgring 24H 2016

Event: N24H
Series: Nurburgring 24 hour race
Location: Nurburgring, Germany
Date: 26-29 May 2016

Dan Bathie likes a challenge. The weekend before the N24H 2016 race, he was in Berlin for Formula E. That’s a series with very little track time to shoot and very short circuits located in the heart of cities and lots of catch fencing, concrete walls and unsympathetic local security.

A week later, Dan was at the Nurburgring, coping with the exact opposite: a 24 hour race, with miles and miles of tree-lined tarmac to navigate. The weather was remarkable too, at one point throwing down hailstones big enough to leave bruises.

Still, a look through this gallery shows why snappers love long races such as these: the changing light, dramatic skies and plenty of time to capture cars and people make for incredible art.

Nurburgring, Germany


  • Dan Bathie