MotoGP: Silverstone 2016

Event: 2016 Octo British Grand Prix 
Series: MotoGP
Location: Silverstone, UK
Date: 01 September 2016

Squeezing time out of a busy summer schedule, which included two preseason tests for Formula E, tracking shoots with racing cars and two Formula E team launches, was no mean feat for Spacesuit artistic director Shiv Gohil. Still, we persuaded him to pop along to Silverstone to have a look at the two-wheeled speed machines being prepped for the British round of the MotoGP championship. The bright colours and sleek shapes looked stunning under the surprise sunshine. (The sun soon disappeared, replaced with rain in time for qualifying.) Shiv made the most of his afternoon at the track, however. Here are a few of his Thursday afternoon gems.

Silverstone, UK

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  • Shiv Gohil