Greenpower: International Final

Event: 2016 International Final
Series: Greenpower
Location: Rockingham, UK
Date: 16 October 2016

The final event of the calendar year for Greenpower took place at Rockingham circuit in the UK. As well as bringing together the finalists who have designed, built and raced their own electric cars at heats around the UK this year, the international final was also a chance teams from other countries to participate.

Spacesuit Media has been the official series photographer of Greenpower through 2016 and we were delighted to see the charity wrap up its year in such style. We sent Nat Twiss to capture all the action, from the workshops and pit lane to the students getting racy on the track.

Greenpower is a fantastic initiative. Through it, students are enthralled with automotive technology which produces no tailpipe emissions; diversity, too, is embraced fully, with both girls and boys competing on equal terms at all stages, from design and construction through to driving. We’re very proud to have supported Greenpower’s activities throughout 2016 and we look forward to building on this relationship.

Rockingham, UK

Client: Greenpower

  • Nat Twiss