Greenpower: Ford Dunton heat

Event: Ford Dunton heat
Series: Greenpower
Location: Dunton Technical Centre, Essex, UK
Date: 9 July 2016

Spectacular curved banking, fiendish haybales and a surprise visit from an automotive icon: not a bad way to spend a day. Adam Pigott covered Greenpower’s trip to Dunton Technical Centre, a magical place steeped in car making legend. Opened in 1967, the place has been home to the spirit of Ford for decades. It was once the largest automotive technical centre in Europe and still houses some 3,000 engineers. Many of the activities at the centre now focus on developing more efficient engines for to take Ford into the future; what better place for the next generation of engineers to race their own electric vehicles?

Dunton Technical Centre, Essex, UK

Client: Greenpower

  • Adam Pigott