Formula E: Thames rib boat / London eye event

Event: London Eye / Thames rib boat media event
Series: FIA Formula E
Location: London
Date:30 June 2016

It’s two days before the final race weekend of the 2015-16 season. You have two popular racing drivers free for media duties, for whom one of whom London is his home race. You have a group of dedicated sports journalists. You’re in London. Simple formula?

Not when it comes to the creative and carefree minds at DS Virgin Racing. Rather than putting media and drivers into a drab conference room somewhere, the team decided to make the most of being at home. Cue a catered pod at the London Eye and an exhilarating dash along the River Thames on rib speed boats. Not a bad gig for Spacesuit’s Nat Twiss…apart from the spray!

London, UK

Client: DS Virgin Racing

  • Nat Twiss