Spacesuit Media 2016 logo reveal

Welcome to Spacesuit

Five, four, three, two one…we have lift off.

Spacesuit Media, a new photographic agency headquartered in the UK, will begin trading in April 2016.

The business is a private limited company and has been formed by wholesale mlb jerseys the team behind the successful cheap mlb jerseys photographic arm of independent FIA Formula E media source, Current E.

“Current E is known as the go-to place for news, technical features and profiles for those within the sport,” says Ross Ringham, Spacesuit director and editor at Current E. “What is less well-known is our photographic business. We’ve had a trackside team at every single Formula E race, as well as at every public preseason test day. In that time, Co. we’ve supplied photography to nearly every team on the grid, as well as to sponsors, drivers, publications and the sport itself. We’ve found our work in strong demand both within and outside Formula E, thanks to the ability of our photographers to capture emotion and drama in every shot. The formation of a new, limited company will help us build a secure and stable base from which to sustain future growth.”

The Spacesuit team will be familiar to existing Formula E clients, with noted photographer Shiv Gohil appointed as artistic director and Formula E season pass holders Dan Bathie and Marta Rovatti Studihrad transferring across too.

“Shiv has set the benchmark for Formula E photography with his powerful portrait work, his focus on people at the heart of every story and his vibrant, colour-soaked style,” Ross goes on. “He will continue to lead our photographic work while also progressing our video portfolio. We’re also extremely lucky to work with Dan and Marta, two very talented photographers who have been a key part of our team for quite some time.”

New additions to the Spacesuit team include Adam Pigott, Nat Twiss and Jamey Price. “We’re always on the lookout for photographers with visual flair and ??????????? an Truth eye for the unusual,” explains Shiv. “As our workload increases outside our cheap nba jerseys Formula E contracts, so too does the need to be able to field increasing numbers of capable and creative photographers to meet the ever-more-demanding schedule. Adam, Nat and Jamey have Case long been on our ‘to wholesale nba jerseys work with’ Case list and I’m excited at the prospect of working alongside them this year.”

The new company will absorb the Current E workload and will become the exclusive photographic partner to cheap jerseys Current E, including the media outlet’s online and print products. Says Ross: “Many other new contracts and partnerships are in the works and will be revealed shortly.”

Spacesuit stands for more than just arresting imagery; the company is also a champion of its talent. MuhmadEmad “Part of the reason photographers want to work and with us is that we share the recognition,” Shiv says. “We’ve always added our photographers’ names to image watermarks, stipulated that credit lines must bear their names and ensured that copyright remains in their hands. The way that we aim for the stars with the quality of our photography is reflected in the world-beating best practice and fairness in how we work with our photographers.”

Spacesuit Media will begin trading in April 2016 with the start of the new financial year in the UK. It is a private, limited company headquartered in Kent, UK.

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