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Spacesuit Media: an energetic photographic agency with a reputation built on powerful portraiture and captivating still and moving imagery. We’ve got a go-anywhere-do-anything attitude and a 100,000 image archive available for editorial and commercial use.

We bring photography to life. The vibrancy and visual flair of our still and and video work has attracted global car makers, world famous race teams, superstar athletes and leading publications.
Our agency was formed to focus on the emerging FIA Formula E series. We’ve covered every single race of that category, working with almost every team on the grid as well as supplying VIP and guest photography to the series promoter. (We shoot other things with wheels, too, such as WRC, WEC, Blanpain, IndyCar, drifting and F1).
Our network of artists now spans three countries, though our project schedule takes us to many more. We’re always ready to suit up for the next big trip. Think we can help? Just ask.

We’re an energetic photographic agency, born in motorsport and with a passion for crafting captivating stories through still and moving imagery. No mountain too high, no river too deep (metaphorically speaking).

Clients who want photos with more oopmh than rocket boosters.
We’ve worked for race teams (McLaren’s on the list); racing drivers (including Lucas di Grassi, Bruno Senna, Nico Prost and Nick Heidfeld); engineering and tech businesses (including HPE and TE Connectivity); global car makers (such as Renault and Citroen’s DS); and publications (BBC Focus, Spiegel, Esquire, Road&Track and Auto, to name just a few). Our stuff has even been used by Sir Richard Branson.
We’re the 2016 photographic partner for Greenpower and the exclusive 2015-16 supplier of VIP and off-track photography to Formula E.

Attention to detail, vivid colours and the knack of capturing the essence of a story in a single frame.
We cut our teeth in motorsport, which has taught us how to bank the perfect shot first time.
It’s not all about cars, however. Our photographers believe that the life and soul of every tale has a person at its heart. That’s why we’ve honed our skills to be able to deliver powerful portraiture, regardless of sector, subject or setting. (And yes, we even shoot in the rain.)

Carefully. We look out for three things:

  1. Natural flair and an eye for the unusual (talent cannot be learned)
  2. Sublime skills (we’re masters of our equipment and its possibilities)
  3. Sensitivity to surroundings (we don’t get in the way, even when we’re going for the uber close-ups – and we always mind our manners)

Yes. We have an archive of more than 100,000 photos, covering various racing series (Formula E, WRC, WEC, F1, IndyCar and others) as well as other sports and events. Many of these are available as stock imagery for editorial or commercial use and may be used under the appropriate license.

We never sell our copyright. This protects the intellectual property of our photographers and allows us to attract and retain the most talented artists.
Our licences are extremely flexible, however, and are tailored to fit your needs. When working under commission, we can include exclusivity in distribution (we’re trusted to shoot private tests, secret tech for new product launches, key personnel changes and more).
Our stuff looks amazing online and in print: we’d love to see you make full use of our photography. For more details, just ask.

Spacesuit Media Shiv Gohil June 2016 Ross Ringham portrait
Arthur Dent
Ross Ringham

The boss. Usually found buried in paperwork and sporting a dressing gown.

Spacesuit Media Dan Bathie
Major Tom
Dan Bathie

The Ninja. Quiet but deadly track specialist, with a knack for being around whenever the champagne is.

Spacesuit Media Adam Pigott in action
Agent Smith
Adam Pigott

The glittery one. Winner of multiple awards for both photography and design work, with a strong portfolio of track and studio work.

Spacesuit Media artistic director Shiv Gohil
Captain Picard
Shiv Gohil

Artistic director. Favourite position is sprawled on the ground to get a better angle.

Spacesuit Media photographers Marta Rovatti Studihrad profile picture
Marta Rovatti Studihrad

The fashionista. Keeps the boys in their place while handling celebrity, event, party and fashion photographic duties.

Spacesuit Media photographer Jamey Price
Han Solo
Jamey Price

The American. Shoots for everyone worth shooting for, including Top Gear, Ducati, Audi and Lamborghini and the F1 community.

Rosie Croucher
Mission control
Rosie Croucher

Finance director. Stops us spending all our money on chocolate and beer.

Spacesuit Media photographer Nat Twiss
Nat Twiss

The car guy. Spends much of his life shooting fast, exotic road cars from equally fast, exotic road cars.

Spacesuit Media Lou Johnson portrait
Lou Johnson

The event specialist. Often found in theatres, at race tracks or shooting Susie Wolff’s Dare 2 Be Different campaign.

What we spend our time doing

We’re motorsport specialists but we also shoot corporate events, engineering and tech businesses at work, exhibitions, road tests for new cars, snowsports, American football and more. We’ve always got a bag packed and we can work anywhere you need us to, from Rio to the Red Square, Beijing to Berlin, Long Beach to London.

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Handheld video
Drone and car-mounted video
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